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Go Fish for 1/24/16 by Capt. Bill Miller

GoFishPic_25Janurary2016   The winter weather pattern we are in now makes fishing and catching a hit or miss proposition.

It is uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous to fish on the windy and cold days that a cold front passes through.

The two days after a big winter front are usually challenging because of the stirred up water and/or the rapid barometer changes.  You can catch fish but you will need to be at the top of your game. I have documented it for years and it is a fact.

So what do I do on these windy cold days? I get ready for the good weather days by working on my boats and my tackle.

I currently have two boats in the boat yard getting bottom jobs, doing cosmetic touch ups and fixing anything needed. My trailers are getting their yearly maintenance. I check all my safety gear for proper operation and expiration dates.

Tackle wise, I broke down my kingfish rods, cleaned all the reels, checked the rods and line for nicks and inventoried my leader selection. All my inshore gear was cleaned and lubed and my tackle bag organized.

I am even getting my tarpon tackle ready because the change over from kingfish to tarpon happens so quickly I won’t be ready unless I have it done ahead of time.

I like to be prepared. The saying, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation” was drilled into my head many years ago and it has proven to be true for me.

Don’t let this column stop you from fishing. You can catch fish in the winter. Pick your days, be smart and safe about when and where you fish and winter action can be good.

I’m asked all the time “When is the best time to go fishing?” The two part answer I learned from an old timer many years ago is:

#1. The best time to go fishing is when you can.

#2. When it’s raining and when it ain’t .

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