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Captain Bill’s Legends Fishin... Contiune Reading

Legendary Anglers – Extraordinary Learning: Join Capt. Bill and a stellar cast of fishing experts for the inaugural “Legends Fishing Academy,” 3/28/15 at Tampa Fishing Outfitters . Enjoy in-depth seminars with angling luminaries like Scott Moore, Van Hubbard, Jay Mastry and Ray Markham and young talents: Bill Miller, Ryan Farner and Jason Semeyn. Lunch, refreshments […]

Go fish... Contiune Reading

Sailfish made an appearance this week reports Maximo Marina. Art Hysop and Joey Burgess were bottom fishing for hogfish 20 miles out and decided to put out a top line with a white bait on it. Shortly after being deployed the white bait was eaten by a 30 pound kingfish. Another white bait went out […]

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MirrOlure - MirrOdine Family

Suspending Twitchbait. Scaled sardines. Shad! MirrOdine? features a wide body profile and realistic baitfish pattern which produces violent strikes. Luminescent inset, "fish calling" rattles...

MirrOlure - Top Water Dogs

Capt. Bill Miller talks with MirroLure's President Eric Bachnik about the Mirrolure Top Dog Topwater Lures. MirrOlure® Top Dog®, Top Dog Jr.® and Top Pup® The most effective surface walkers...

MirrOlure Magic

Eric Bachnik, President of L & S Bait Company, and Capt. Bill Miller with a beautiful redfish caught while shooting “Plugging MirrOlures” for a FWBM episode. Due to Air starting on Feb. 20th at 9:30pm on WFN. 1- Bill Eric red

Big Day with Big Fish

After a full day of catching big grouper in 10foot of water was capped off with this Goliath catch. Due to Air starting on Feb. 13th at 9:30pm on WFN.



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